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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer: Will This Loan Help Me Build My Credit?
Great Deal Auto Sales: Of course! All of our lenders send out reports to the 3 credit bureaus to ensure you are on your way to the good life of Great Credit!

Customer: But I Have Repossessions And Bankruptcies!
Great Deal Auto Sales: Don't even sweat it! We have multiple banks that are WILLING TO HELP YOU! Everyone gets into situations they don't want sometimes. Ask us to help!

Customer: No You Don’t Understand, I HAVE REALLY BAD CREDIT!
Great Deal Auto Sales: Dear Mr. Or Miss Customer, If We Can’t Get You Approved For A Vehicle, We Will Buy You Dinner At The Finest Wendy’s In Town!

Customer: What If I don't Have Any Money Down?
Great Deal Auto Sales: We have a $0 Down programs available! Apply now to see if YOU CAN QUALIFY!

Customer: I Have A Trade In! What Should I Do With It?
Great Deal Auto Sales: Our Saying Here Is .. If It Has A Vin Trade It In!

Customer: What If I Just Recently Started My Job? (Less than 6 Months) 
Great Deal Auto Sales: As Long As You Have A Source Of Income (Pay Stubs From A Company OR If You Are Self-Employed) YOU CAN APPLY AND GET APPROVED!

Customer: Okay, I Have Income But It’s A Fixed Income (Child Support, SSI, SSD, Pension, etc.)
Great Deal Auto Sales: You Are Given That Money For One Reason Right? TO IMPROVE YOUR CURRENT SITUATION! We Will Accept All Incomes!

Customer: Do You Have A Minimum Income Requirement?
Great Deal Auto Sales: Certain Programs Require Certain Incomes. But If You Have At Least $1,000/Mo In Income APPLY NOW!

Customer: Okay, This Is My First Time Financing What’s The First Step? 
Great Deal Auto Sales: Call (313) 342-2500 And Ask To Speak To The Finance Team!

Customer: Well What About My Monthly Payment? 
Great Deal Auto Sales: Our Lenders Are Very Careful With Making Sure A Payment Is Affordable For You. We Always Keep You In Mind! (Not In a Stalker-ish Way)

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